Prospective Scouts may sail or visit Ship 100 for most events.  

BSA requires that all Sea Scouts be 14 or finished the 8th Grade.  But if you’re close – please visit!  We do have a few caveats, given that safety is our foremost concern.  Sailboats are not toys.  Mainsail booms are aptly named – if they hit you in the head because you’re not paying attention – you go BOOM!  (and then SPLASH!)  To sail with us, we ask a few things:
  • Parent/Guardian must sign a BSA Permission and Release Slip.  (Found on the Forms and Reports page.)
  • The Youth and Parent must sign the Ship 100 Code of Conduct. (Found on the Forms and Reports page.)
  • The parent/guardian(s) must meet with the Skipper or First Officer BEFORE arriving at the dock.  Ship 100 is not a “stop and drop” unit.

Unfortunately, Troop Sails are only available for Boy Scout Troops in the Bull Run District and we only host two of these events per year.  If you are looking to schedule a sailing event – we recommend you contact us during your annual planning event.  Ship 100 typically completes our annual program plan in December.

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